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Down 7.6 Pounds! #NSNation #spon (Week #12)
Set on rat runways, marked with droppings. An iPod or MP3 with your favorite up-beat songs also helps you enjoy your exercise and makes the time and miles go by so much faster! About Dawn McAlexander Dawn is a full time travel and lifestyle blogger. Posted by Tobi at 7: Please note that long names are not a problem

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Then repeat the gentle stretching. It feels so good. It also increases your flexibility and tones your muscles. Proper shoes are important to protect your feet and give you a little extra spring in your step. Walking shoes are also very comfortable. If you walk everyday, good shoes will wear out in a couple months. The wear should be on the bottom of your shoes and not the upper portion of your shoes. So how do you know how far you've walked? Get an inexpensive pedometer. A pedometer counts off your steps during your walk.

That is especially good when you are slowly increasing your walks daily. You can also keep track of the amount of steps in your daily life. The more you move, the better. You might find yourself parking a block or two away from where you are going to increase the number of steps. If you're a former couch potato who wants to get walking, good for you! Start out slow -- if you can only make it five minutes, that's OK. You can gradually add time and speed until you can walk a mile in 15 minutes.

Once you've made it to that goal, try 2 miles in 30 minutes. Here's another piece of "equipment" that's totally optional. An iPod or MP3 with your favorite up-beat songs also helps you enjoy your exercise and makes the time and miles go by so much faster! Is the weather where you are too hot ot too cold or wet or snowy or You don't have an excuse any more -- you can even walk at home! There are lots of DVDs out these days that pace and time you, so you know you are getting a good workout.

Here's additional information on walking as an exercise. Balance balls are large, sturdy, air-filled balls. They stretch about 50 cm to 65 cm in diameter and are used in exercise routines. Balance balls are referred to by a number of other names such as fitness, stability, Swiss, or Pilates balls. If you're looking for a fun but effective way to tone and stabilize your core muscles, the balance ball is a great solution. Regular use of this unusual piece of exercise equipment can help you lose weight and trim your body.

Balance balls also help gain and develop balance and also increase flexibility. These balls are especially useful for those who can't stand or walk for an extended period of time but still want to get and stay in shape.

Most commonly, exercises require you to sit or lay on the ball, and perform different movements. However, there are some exercises which can be done with the body on a floor or exercise mat.

It's not quite as easy as it looks! Sitting on a round ball, trying to align your core and at the same time perform various movements can be challenging. It does get easier, though. Used regularly, the balance ball promotes better balance and control. Perhaps the greatest advantage of the balance ball is its ability to continually target your core muscles, even when you're focusing on a different area!

Your body's core runs from the hips up across the abdomen and up to the top of the ribcage. By toning your core muscles, you can get a slimmer, trimmer look -- even without weight loss! Combined with weight loss, the effect can be stunning. Your first step is to get a balance ball; the next is to be able to sit on it without falling off! Once you've mastered that it really doesn't take all that long , you're ready to take on the ball! You can learn different movements with a book, a DVD or by taking a class.

With the proper techniques and a little motivation, the balance ball is an easy way to meet weight loss goals, tone your body, develop balance and just plain have fun! Check out more information about balance ball exercises and you can get fit, too! Adjustable lap band surgery is a bariatric weight loss surgery, and is the most popular of the possible surgeries to lose weight.

Adjustable lap band surgery is where the surgeon puts a ring around your upper stomach, so that it holds less food. The ring is an adjustable band, and the lap refers to laparoscopic surgery surgery made with a tiny incision and viewing instruments. The theory behind the surgery is that when your stomach holds less food, you feel full sooner.

Since you can only eat small portions at once, you eat less. Because you eat less, you lose weight. Generally, bariatric surgery is performed only for people who are morbidly obese -- pounds or more overweight. This can be adjusted downwards if there is a specific medical condition that would greatly benefit from losing weight like type 2 diabetes. The candidate must have tried and failed to lose weight many times.

It's also very helpful to show a verifiable history of weight loss programs you've tried. For example, if you've tried Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig or something where there is a record. Candidates must be in good health, aside from being overweight. Generally younger people under 21 aren't accepted for surgery, but there may be situations where they can be accepted.

Yes, the surgery works well if you're motivated to lose the weight and adopt a new style of eating. No, the surgery doesn't work well if you look for ways to cheat -- like drinking lots of sugary sodas or milkshakes instead of a healthy diet. Make so mistake, you can gain weight after surgery if you're intent on sticking to your own ways. Check out more information about adjustable lap band surgery and see a short video. Those last 10 pounds won't budge. The cellulite is driving you crazy.

You wish you could feel comfortable in a bathing suit again. You've heard about the liposuction procedure, and have considered it. But is liposuction for you? Basically, liposuction works in two steps: The fat deposits are broken down to a liquid. This can be with ultrasound or a liquid injected into the fat.

The fat is then suctioned out of the body. Sounds easy enough, right? As with most things, if it sounds too easy, there must be a catch. First, you can't be significantly overweight. Many surgeons won't remove more than 10 or so pounds of fat, so don't expect to use it as your weight loss plan. In addition, you can't have any major health risks.

Although the procedure is relatively simple, the recovery can be somewhat painful. Fortunately the liposuction procedure has improved over the last several years and the recovery time is shorter these days, and less uncomfortable. You might have sagging skin where the fat has been removed -- for a few months or permanently.

In any case, don't expect perfection immediately, but it does get better over time. First, remember that this is plastic surgery, not bariatric surgery. Therefore, unless you are exceedingly lucky, your health insurance won't pay for it. You'll need to choose a surgeon with a good track record of success for the area of the body your want suctioned.

While you can certainly shop around for price and the price does vary with where you live and how much fat you need removed , but be wary of a price that is much lower than the others.

Bad liposuction is much worse than no liposuction. Want to see a short video on liposuction? Here's a liposuction guide to get more information.

Eat more and lose weight. Sounds strange doesn't it? The proper way to solve a rat problem is by stopping the root of the problem. If you want to get rid of rats in your house or attic, you must first find out how they are getting in, and seal off those entry points permanently.

Once that is done, the rats should by physically trapped and removed from the building, as seen in my photo to the right. It's also a good idea to clean and decontaminate the mess that they've made.

Please read my below information, and my rat blog which is full of examples of rat removal jobs I've done, and is useful information regarding rat and mouse control. Click for my rat removal photo gallery. Click my awesome rat removal journal blog! Rats are commonly associated with urban areas and people. They will go wherever they can find food and shelter, and that often includes buildings. Black and Norway rats will consume many different types of plant and animal foods.

They also contaminate food with their urine and feces. Rats are carriers of many different types of diseases, they contaminate food, and sometimes bite.

Rats are primarily nocturnal. They keep a surprisingly small home range, and don't wander about very far. We have more baby chickens! I also have another hen MIA so am sure there will be another nest.

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