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Holocene extinction
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West River Teacher Center. Assistant Professor of Agriculture. Assistant Professor of Biology. Cabinet, Office of the President. Associate Professor of Psychology. Assistant Director of Public Safety. Communications and Public Affairs. Head Women's Basketball Coach. Coordinator of Student Accounts. Associate Professor of Art. Assistant Dean, Enrollment Management.

Director of Public Safety. Henry Biesiot Activities Center Coordinator. Library System and Technical Services Technician. Assistant Dean, Student Services. Academic Records, Staff Senate. Communications and Public Affairs, Staff Senate. Office of the President.

Director of Academic Records. Associate Professor of Chemistry. Assistant Professor of English and Education. Assistant Professor of Business. In addition, the company provides SmartCarb and PowerFuel products, including meal replacement bars, powder shakes, baked goods and snacks; and Nutrisystem D Program, a weight loss program designed to produce gradual weight loss. It sells its pre-packaged foods to weight loss program participants directly through the Internet and telephone; a television shopping network; and retailers.

Here are some recent quotes from research analysts about NutriSystem stock: From the flagship Nutrisystem brand comes the clinically-tested Nutrisystem Lean13 program, designed to deliver weight loss of up to 13 pounds and seven inches in the first month. South Beach Diet became an all-new structured meal delivery weight-loss program following the acquisition of the brand. Additional Nutrisystem branded weight-loss products include Fast 5 and Turbo 10, as well as multi-day kits and individual products at select retail outlets.

Company Description Nutrisystem, Inc. It offers weight loss programs sold primarily online and over the telephone and multi-day kits and single items available at select retail locations.

It also provides pre- packaged food program, digital tools, and counseling. The company was founded in and is headquartered in Fort Washington, PA. NutriSystem's management team includes the folowing people: Keira Krausz , Exec. Robin McConnell Shallow , Sr. Marine gastropods , bivalves and other invertebrates are also affected, as are the organisms that feed on them.

Some researchers suggest that by there could be more plastic than fish in the oceans by weight, [36] with about 8,, metric tons 9,, short tons of plastic being discharged into the oceans annually. Microplastics make up the bulk of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch , and their smaller size is detrimental to cleanup efforts. Overhunting can reduce the local population of game animals by more than half, as well as reducing population density, and may lead to extinction for some species.

The surge in the mass killings by poachers involved in the illegal ivory trade along with habitat loss is threatening African elephant populations. Fishing has had a devastating effect on marine organism populations for several centuries even before the explosion of destructive and highly effective fishing practices like trawling.

A study published in Science concludes that humans tend to hunt larger species, and this could disrupt ocean ecosystems for millions of years.

The decline of amphibian populations has also been identified as an indicator of environmental degradation. As well as habitat loss, introduced predators and pollution, Chytridiomycosis , a fungal infection thought to have been accidentally spread by human travel, [6] has caused severe population drops of several species of frogs, including among many others the extinction of the golden toad in Costa Rica and the Gastric-brooding frog in Australia.

Many other amphibian species now face extinction, including the reduction of Rabb's fringe-limbed treefrog to an endling , and the extinction of the Panamanian golden frog in the wild. Chytrid fungus has spread across Australia, New Zealand, Central America and Africa, including countries with high amphibian diversity such as cloud forests in Honduras and Madagascar. Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans is a similar infection currently threatening salamanders.

Amphibians are now the most endangered vertebrate group, having existed for more than million years through three other mass extinctions. Millions of bats in the US have been dying off since due to a fungal infection spread from European bats, which appear to be immune. There is currently no form of treatment, and such declines have been described as "unprecedented" in bat evolutionary history by Alan Hicks of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Between and , over ten million beehives were abandoned due to colony collapse disorder , which causes worker bees to abandon the queen. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Holocene extinction event.

For other uses, see Sixth Extinction disambiguation. Marine extinction intensity during the Phanerozoic. Millions of years ago. The percentage of marine animal extinction at the genus level through the five mass extinctions. Megafaunal mass extinctions and Quaternary extinction event. Australian megafauna , List of extinct animals of Australia , and List of extinct flora of Australia. Invasive species in Australia , Land clearing in Australia , and Fire-stick farming. Wildlife of Madagascar and Subfossil lemur.

List of extinct animals of New Zealand. List of African animals extinct in the Holocene , List of Asian animals extinct in the Holocene , and List of extinct animals of Europe. Extinction risk from global warming , Ocean acidification , Marine pollution , and Social and environmental impact of palm oil.

Species affected by poaching and Overfishing. Decline in amphibian populations , White nose syndrome , and Colony collapse disorder. Anthropocentrism Coextinction Ecocriticism Effects of global warming Late Quaternary prehistoric birds List of extinct animals List of extinct plants List of recently extinct mammals List of recently extinct birds List of recently extinct invertebrates List of recently extinct plants List of recently extinct reptiles Planetary boundaries Racing Extinction documentary film The Anthropocene Extinction album Timeline of extinctions in the Holocene.

Extinct and endangered species portal Environment portal. Moreover, we have unleashed a mass extinction event, the sixth in roughly million years, wherein many current life forms could be annihilated or at least committed to extinction by the end of this century. Journal of Evolutionary Biology.

Much less frequently mentioned are, however, the ultimate drivers of those immediate causes of biotic destruction, namely, human overpopulation and continued population growth, and overconsumption, especially by the rich. These drivers, all of which trace to the fiction that perpetual growth can occur on a finite planet, are themselves increasing rapidly.

Retrieved 15 December The overarching driver of species extinction is human population growth and increasing per capita consumption. Henry Holt and Company. Entering the sixth mass extinction". The Future of life 1st Vintage Books ed. A Critical Review of the Evidence". Journal of World Prehistory. Case Studies of Neodymium Isotopes in Paleoceanography. Retrieved 10 February Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Retrieved November 4, John; Hounslow, Mark W. In Elewa, Ashraf M. Subcommission on Quaternary Stratigraphy. Retrieved 21 January Retrieved August 30, From Global Change to Planetary Stewardship". Center for Biological Diversity. Retrieved December 19, Retrieved May 25, A Brief History of Neoliberalism. Retrieved October 23, Even tens of thousands of years ago, our stone age ancestors were already responsible for a series of ecological disasters.

It was not the last. Numerous other species disappeared from Africa, from Eurasia and from the myriad islands around their coasts. Retrieved 2 April Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences. Archived from the original PDF on Keith; Higham, Tom F. Journal of Human Evolution. The Natural History of Madagascar. University of Chicago Press.

For example, during a catastrophic drought, remaining animals would be gathered around the few remaining watering holes, and thus become extremely vulnerable. Two Continents and Wrangel Island". Humans in the Arctic before the Last Glacial Maximum". Encyclopedia of Quaternary Science 2nd ed. Review and Atlas of Palaeovegetation: Preliminary land ecosystem maps of the world since the Last Glacial Maximum Archived at the Wayback Machine..

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