Adherence to the Overall Nutritional Quality Index and Risk of Total Chronic Disease

Examples of Overall Nutrition Quality Index (ONQI) Scores

ONQI - Understanding the Overall Nutritional Quality Index
It's important that it is the product of scientists working independently of any commercial interest. Give your grilled chicken and pork a sweet, fresh twist with this recipe for Strawberry Salsa. This Strawberry Smoothie takes minutes to make, is packed with vitamins, fiber and protein- making it the perfect cool down treat or quick meal replacement. I later found out that most of the EAS ads and marketing materials at that time were developed by Dan Kennedy, who is in my opinion, the best marketing genius in the world. As a result, you have to be an educated consumer on nutrition and be proactive when reading food labels while you are purchasing food at the supermarket.

Learn how the new ONQI food index grades the nutritional value of our food.

What’s the Score?

And when I say multi-national, corporate food giants, I also include marketers in the fitness and exercise industry.

Be careful who you trust. I should have read the nutrition label during the purchasing process. I later found out that most of the EAS ads and marketing materials at that time were developed by Dan Kennedy, who is in my opinion, the best marketing genius in the world. He does not have a fitness or nutrition background, nor does he have a college degree, but has been the major influence in selling millions with fitness, nutrition and information products. The bottom line here when purchasing food at the supermarket is asking yourself this very important question: Fortunately, there is a new system available in some parts of the United States to help you with the above question.

The Nuval Nutrition Scoring System enables consumers to make better decisions when purchasing food items in a struggle-free manner. The project was fully supported independent of all commercial interests by Griffin Hospital, a non-profit community hospital in Derby, CT, where the Prevention Research Center is housed.

The team of consulting experts involved in developing the ONQI includes past presidents of the American Dietetic Association and the American Diabetes Association; the current president of the American Cancer Society; and top academic experts in topics from nutritional biochemistry, childhood diabetes and obesity, to epidemiology, among them the inventor of the glycemic index, and the originator of the traffic light diet guidance system.

The ONQI is designed to generate a single score on a scale of 1 to representing overall nutritional quality, for any food or recipe. Approximately 30 nutrients, both those with favorable health effects such as fiber, and those with unfavorable health effects such as added sugar, are included in the sophisticated ONQI formula, which also includes a variety of weighting coefficients that reflect the importance of various nutrients to health, and their associations withspecific health outcomes.

But the ONQI is a perfectly simple, turnkey system to use. The complexity powers it, just like a rather complex engine powers the cars most of us drive quite easily. Just like with that car, when it comes to using the ONQI, you can basically turn the key and go. The ONQI is a labeling system that can help everyone make healthier choices in every food category quickly and easily," said Dr.

Rebecca Reeves, past president of the American Dietetic Association. It's important that it is the product of scientists working independently of any commercial interest. Front-of-package labeling has the potential to help consumers select foods that contribute to a healthy diet and lower risk of disease. Future research on nutrient profiles and front-of-package labeling should use similar techniques to evaluate the ability of the scoring scheme to distinguish between more- and less-healthful foods as they relate to risk of future disease.

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Background Nutrient profiling is an effort to rank or classify foods based on nutrient composition. Dietary assessment The ONQI algorithm was created by a multidisciplinary panel of nutrition and public health experts and has been described in detail previously.

Open in a separate window. Outcome definition The primary endpoint for this study, major chronic disease, was defined as the initial occurrence of CVD, diabetes, cancer or nontrauma death. Statistical Analysis Each participant contributed follow-up time from the return of the baseline questionnaire until the date of diagnosis of the first event CVD, diabetes or cancer , date of death or end of follow-up June in women, February in men.

In women, models were also adjusted for menopausal status and menopausal hormone use. Discussion In these two prospective cohorts, consumption of foods with higher ratings based on the ONQI algorithm was associated with lower risk of chronic disease and total mortality over 20 years of follow-up. Concept of a nutritious food: Am J Clin Nutr.

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