Gut-Healing Smoothie Recipe

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Awsome, delicious, healthy and easy! It takes time to roast the potatoes then cook the tofu mixture but sooooo worth it and the bonus is, I have two burritos that were leftover and now in the freezer for a quick weekday breakfast! Do Not Show This Again. My hair and nails grow like crazy! So bump up the ingredient quantities if needed to meet the needs of your own unique body. The flavor was good, but I could not get it smooth no matter how much I blended decent blender, Ninja. A recipe base beer cheese soup , for example.

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Super Healthy Green Smoothie

I just made this today for breakfast. Drinking it as I type this. Here is my recipe. I want to get the calories down for weight loss though so my updated recipe is: I eliminated the flaxseed oil and 1 instead of 2 egg yolks. I will have the flaxseed oil in a meal of soup later in the day. I also want to get the collagen to add to this recipe which will add 40 to 80 calories depending on if you add 1 or 2 scoops and a whopping extra 10 gms of protein.

That would be a total of 26 gm of protein for the entire recipe. Thank you for being so generous, Elizabeth, for posting this recipe!

I do so appreciate the help! I love your take on it! This recipe really is so adaptable. Thanks for sharing the changes you made! Finally, someone said my key ingredient: Keep you posted when I get all the ingredients! Far surpassed my expectations! This morning, I tried this. And I am lazy, so I just used the whole eggs. Either way, I am sold. I can see myself making this everyday for sure.

I love how good I feel! Thank you so much for this recipe. Can I use raw egg yolks from the supermarket, or should they be farm fresh? As a replacement for egg, you can grind up chia seeds and mix with water to make a gel similar to egg. Or you could just pour the seeds straight in.

They pack a pretty good nutritional punch for those who dislike raw eggs. I recommend farm fresh if you can get them. The healthier the chickens, the less likely there will be an issue with the eggs. Just tried this for the first time this morning and loved it! I noticed a lot of comments about the coconut oil clumping, so I tried it with fractionated coconut oil since I had it on hand for my essential oils.

It blended perfectly, but I wondered if that changes the nutritional benefits? Mocha Mint Eggnog for breakfast! I plan on adding some pumpkin spice to mine this fall for a pumpkin spice coffee smoothie. This smoothie is definitely a metabolically supportive meal, but of course, whether or not you lose weight depends on a lot of factors. I love coffee and tea but cannot consume caffeine.

Also, as far as the collagen supplement. I checked it out and it states it comes from Grassfed Brazil cows? Well it reminded me of the chew bones I buy for my dog. From Grassfed Brazilian cows. It made me scratch my head so I did a quick search on those cows and came across an interesting article from Dr Mercola about the scams with imported beef. Have you researched this? Totally tried this today…..

I ended up being hungry I will def play around with it. So I just tried this out. A couple of things I need to adjust. It needs to be thicker. So I need to sweeten it up and add more ice or add something else to thicken this.

Because honest, this just taste like cold coffee for now. I still enjoyed this and was surprised with this recipe. Thanks for sharing it! Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar By Elizabeth W. My coffee smoothie is my personal secret to a nourished metabolism. Prep Time 5 minutes. Total Time 5 minutes. Ingredients 6 ounces of fresh brewed coffee 8 ounces of milk or coconut milk raw egg yolks 2 tablespoons collagen 1 tablespoon of maple syrup or your preferred sweetener to taste teaspoons coconut oil.

Instructions Put all your ingredients into a large glass. Use a hand blender to blend everything together smoothly. I use this one and it rocks! You can also throw everything into a traditional blender if needed. If you are adding hot coffee I recommend blending all of the other ingredients first before added the coffee.

Otherwise your egg yolks can get cooked, which is a little… yucky. Calories Calories from Fat Elizabeth is the founder and creative director at The Nourished Life. Her mission is to help people find a more balanced less stressful! Comments Great post and good reminder about forming morning habits.

How about whey protein instead of a raw egg? Avocados are pretty nutritious too. Good warm or cold. I missed the comment add: Hey, nothing wrong with coffee pudding. I like to add blackstrap molasses for the sweetener. And thanks for the post! They are both high quality and I recommend either one. I will try to make it. So glad you enjoy it, Alison. Butter might be a good option it actually tastes amazing! Whole Foods sometimes has local, pastured eggs which are generally the safest.

The latest research on dietary cholesterol is very interesting. I recommend looking it up. I am allergic to eggs. Any suggestions for a substitution? You can leave them out if needed. I love a good matcha smoothie. I want to try this with soya milk.. Sounds tasty as well.. What are the nutrition facts for this Smoothie please? It can vary widely depending on the ingredients you use and how much of them. So glad you liked it, Chrissy! I use whole eggs all the time i. Those are great add ins!

So glad you liked it. Can you tell me how much protein is in the smoothie? Depending on the exact ingredients you use, about grams. I added the 2 eggs whites and yolks. Hi Is this smoothie ok if I want to reduce weight? There are only two components of this burrito: I use a similar sauce in my vegan quesadillas and it is amazing! Once your hash and tofu are done cooking, chop up some fresh cilantro and you are ready to start assembling your burritos!

The tofu is soft in this recipe, so the crunch of the roasted potatoes adds extra chewiness and texture. I had one of these for breakfast to make sure that they froze well anything in the name of recipe testing and I am already craving another one! These are perfect for a protein packed breakfast that you can prep ahead and freeze for busy mornings. Here are just some of the comments I have gotten so far. If you try it, be sure to leave me a comment on the post!

These are the best breakfast burritos! The hash and the sauce were both yummy on their own and I was afraid I would taste so much of them there would not be enough to put together. But — assembled- they are simply heavenly!!! I am headed to check out more of your recipes.

It takes time to roast the potatoes then cook the tofu mixture but sooooo worth it and the bonus is, I have two burritos that were leftover and now in the freezer for a quick weekday breakfast! Best vegan and vegetarian recipes yet!

There are no words to describe how friggin good these are!!! We had some for dinner after I tested this recipe, and I froze the remainder of them for easy breakfasts. For awhile last year, I was addicted to a frozen breakfast burrito from the store that was also vegan. Are you making this recipe? I want to see! More Vegan Breakfast ideas: Saving this recipe for later? Click HERE to pin it!

Tag your pictures on instagram buildyourbite and hashtag buildyourbite. I have a question. If I put in the fridge can I put in the oven to warm it up? Is F good enough? I will be making big batch. This looks so enticing. I try to stay of soy products as its controvercial. Do you think this would go with black beans? It is an adjustment but I really look forward to mine in the morning now. I read in the comments you store half of your 64 oz mixture for the next day … it made me wonder if that diminishes the nutrients in a significant way?

I have been doing it this way for the past 17 months and my health and vitality are the best I have experienced in the last 30 years.

I find it is a bit of work to make and when I was really sick this just made it easier. The taste is still really good I find. I never used them myself but some people still use them. Thank you so much for sharing your journey to health. You give hope to those of us who are searching for healing. Hi Dana- We use the Jupiter Melody water unit with the alkalizing feature turned off.

It does a very good job of removing chlorine and other impurities. It has a biostone filter. The pulp helps to keep me full and satisfied. The fiber also cleanses the bowel and helps with blood sugar control. The pulp is delicious and I love eating my daily smoothies.

You can play around with the ingredients and find a recipe that you really enjoy. This is the easiest way to get this volume of vegetables into the diet each day. Once you feel the difference of eating a daily green smoothie you might get hooked like I have. I often eat a few boiled eggs on the side to add some extra protein. Thank you so much for helping others with your blog.

I have a question: Moringa what kind and where to buy, powder or capsules??? I take the Moringa capsules, is there a difference beween the capsules and powder? I just buy organic powdered moringa from my health food store. I prefer to avoid ingesting all of those capsules when possible. There is no difference though. It is just powdered moringa that has been encapsulated. Hi Brenda— This recipe is a game changer, and delicious!

They will ship anywhere too. I am adding about 1T to a batch of smoothie. Also, If I have clean or organic oranges or other citrus fruits, I add the zest from the peel and it is delicious. Plus, high color content means high nutrient content! Blessings and Best of Health! Brenda If you like this article please feel free to share it!

Comments Brenda, what kind of juicer or blender did you use.

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