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Maybe because they already forgot the choreography of previous body pump releases! I am a Personal Trainer who worked at different commercial gyms over a 10 year period. I have a very good understanding of what works for a majority of people, and i think my opinions and experiences are worth something. If you want muscle definition, you need to burn the fat covering those muscles. And something that has been said before: Meaning that after strength training, your body will continue to burn extra calories to recover from the intense exercise.

If you like BodyPump, then please by all means keep doing it. But if your goal is the best physique, then you are wasting your time with a Pump class. If you have an injury, go and find a good physical therapist or Personal Trainer who knows about corrective exercise. But you are the exception, not the rule. As i said, i worked and trained at a lot of different gyms, and actually joined in on a few BP classes myself. Even if they use heavier weights and join the class multiple times per week.

And having met you personally, i can tell you not to feel offended by or become defensive because of some comments here. And for everyone esle: Thank you for taking the time to write this elaborate comment sharing your experience! Robin and Elise are correct on all points. I have taught fitness classes on the side for over 25 years and been a pro athlete in seven different sports so I know quite a bit about burning fat, building muscle, and more.

I got Bodypump certified but due to my horrible experience with Les Mills, will never teach their formats. It was originally called Power Pump and was started by another company. And that company had the exact same setup but in their classes worked every muscle in the body, unlike Les Mills version, and was much safer. I submitted my video to get certified and was horrified when my assessor wrote for me to do a move that could result in a broken neck.

In addition when I called them noticing how many instructors were allowing members to do things that would injure them, they blew it off. I am glad some people like the classes but for the company Les Mills, it seems like all they care about is money. Now knowing what I know and the lack of health experience and knowledge Les Mills requires of their instructors, and the lack of knowledge at the corporate level, I would never suggest anyone get certified in their formats or take any of their classes.

I too have witnessed instructors teach improper form and teach with too much weight, and not interact with members to help them have proper form. The stuff Elise and the trainers have said on here are true—I would listen to them. In addition I know as an instructor, I paid Les Mills for my certification and met their requirements, and even though I passed I was told they would not give me my certification until I paid them more money.

Then to top it off they now have a new contract they are applying to past and current instructor certifications that says they can take your certification away at any time now, and for no reason at all. I hope gyms wise up and remove them from their gyms. They also illegally captured my credit card information and made unauthorized charges on my card.

Thank You for the advice on Les Mills. It make me think twice before go into training and teach BodyPump. Body pump is a great intro to weights and classes — I used to feel sick at the thought of being a gym member and the first time I did BP I couldnt sit down on the loo for a week without moaning in pain!

Our instructor rarely plays the same track twice. Yes I totally agree that Body Pump is a great intro to weights and that a good instructor is essential. I think being a Body Pump instructor is kind of a though job! I go to regular body pump classes, and I am very toned because of it. If you work out correctly, challenge yourself and go at least 3 times a week, you WILL see results.

And of course the critical part: Third I do BP and other les mills programs. BP is not a new technique nor should it be a standalone all encompassing routine. High reps low weight has been practiced by bodybuilders for decade. It should be incorporated a n overall cycle of higher weights pyramiding exhaustin etc. It should be used to cycle thru for 3 months or so and move on. Hi Jay, yes I totally agree that Body Pump is not a standalone all encompassing routine. I started at the gym 5 weeks ago and thought I was improving until I did a body balance class today.

I found this class extremely hard unlike previous times. I did do a body pump class yesterday and I thought that maybe my muscles were still recovering. Can anyone shed light on this. Is this a resonable progam. I am 53 and havent exercised properly for years. I do not agree that you cannot tone with body pump.

Toning comes with time under tension and time under tension is what you will get doing pump. If you put pressure on your muscles they are going to grow and tone your body. If you put on heavier weights you will be building the pressure in your musles. I have never seen something done 3 x a week for 6 weesk, change the shape of your your body and burn calories at the same time, so quickly Body Pump Rocks!!! Very interesting sets of opinions on Body Pump. But I have a question about doing different weights.

Hi Di, yes, lower reps 6 to 12 reps are traditionally advised for gains in muscular size. I am about to try Body pump. I do yoga, pilates body bal most days, and am about 50kg and 48year old. I need some strength as my arms look thin and getting old ladyish!!

Trouble is I dont have a lot of energy and strenght. Hi Ellie, I think Body Pump is a great way for you to start some kind of weight training, so yes, go for it! The same class with the same music can be totally different with a different instructor.

I am taking the training tomorrow and have been checking out the dvd. I have to agree with the comment about not helping with sculpting the muscle. For that many repetitions, the weights have to be too light. I practiced an hour just doing the tricep workout …I thought that I would be sore in the triceps the next day.

However, getting people into class who would otherwise be bored with any type of workout, and Body Pump scores high. I can see the appeal. All these comment have been so helpful. I have been doing body pump ,3 times a week and box 2 times a week and bike 2 times a week at the gym for about 6 months. Its improved my motivation but done nothing for my body tone.

After reading this im going to cut down on the classes and try my own programme for a while with more resistance work.

I watched my diet but still have a tummy but at 57 it might just have to stay that way as it hasent got the same spring back anymore. Any suggestions glad to here. Hello Sally, if you eat a very clean diet and still have belly fat you may want to go see your doctor for a checkup. Hypothyroidism for example is a very common cause of unexplained weight gain that mostly occurs in women over The reality is doing these classes a good mix of 2 pumps and 3 cardios combat, attack or rpm per week, plus a healthy and clean nutrition plan will change your body significantly over time on the outside and more importantly on the inside.

The most important thing to take from all this back and forth discussion about physical appearance is are you healthy on the inside. If you are than the outside will take care of itself.

How many times have we seen muscle bound indivduals who cant last 10 minutes in a class that gets your heart rate up. Please everybody focus on a healthy inside strong heart and lungs , because in most cases if those are health, your outer body is also healthy.

Body Pump is awesome, the best way to get guns!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it, but I hate it!!! I love BP because once you have chosen your weights you are committed.

I will push myself much harder in a BP class that I do in the gym because in the gym you can always drop the weight a little between sets or take a break to let the muscle group recover. Dropping the weight or missing a rep in BP is possible but I will do my utmost best to avoid it if I can! I do a lot of training during the week — running, circuits, spinning, boxercise, Aikido, JuJitsu — but my single weekly BP class is the session need to mentally prepare for the most due to sheer amount of effort it takes to get through the hour, both from a Strength and a cardio perspective… Thank god its only an hour ; ——————————————————————————————————————————————————— Weights excluding bar: You must be Arnold Swarzenegger.

I started Bodypump classes about 5 months ago but have only recently become more serious about my fitness routine. I absolutely love Bodypump classes; the instructors are all great and so is the music. Take your time to learn the moves correctly, increase your weights when you start to find it too easy and you will start to benefit from your hard work. You must push yourself and work your muscles in order to see changes.

Stretching is also very important and your instructor should insist on this between tracks and at the end of a class. Iam 53 years old and been taking body pump for the last few years. I have always been petite and want to increase strength and muscle especially in my legs. I have lost muscle in my legs! I do cardio during the week as well.

I am feeling a little defeated. Personal trainer is just not a financial option for me. I do travel quite a bit for work. You do need however to spend a little bit of time researching and educating yourself about fitness. Tosca Reno for example is a year-old fitness guru that may have some good tips for you: Many individuals mentioned in the comments that body pump works very well for them.

The result seems to be that individuals to whom fitness is not natural tend to either A. This leaves only individuals who find body pump to work left to speak its praises. Some more for endurance, some more for strength, some more for power.

It all depends on our muscle fiber type. Individuals who find success with body pump are definitely more predetermined to be endurance based individuals. That being said, everyone must explore different areas of fitness and find what works best for their body type. I take Group Power and I love it………..! There is not really any difference, looking at the site of Group Power. It just means that your gym pays that company licensing costs to use the program, the music etc.

The one think I found is different between body pump and group power is the fact at group power we are incouraged to lift heavier weights when we have out grown what we are lifting. I absolutely love both classes and attend both regularly but not back to back based on the recommendation. The recommendation is not to do any heavy weightlifting after CXWORX because if you have done CX correctly, you have fatigued your core and lifting heavy weights immediately after might be unsafe.

Cardio immediately after cxworx is fine. This is the recommendation from Les Mills, not just local gym policy. I teach pump and cxworx back to back regularly, but in that order: Body pump, then cxworx.

Challenging, and can be fun. Hey guys … It has been only two days since I have started body pump and I have planned on doing it three times a weeks sat, mon, and wed I have lifted weigts before but it has been a year since then right now I am doing all my exercises with 2. Hi Hussain, you can find a weight selection from a trainer in the following article: But my opinion is that you should ask this question directly to the trainer before each track.

I have been body pump for a year. I do 4 classes a week combined with other les mills programs, body step and i do pilates both 4 times a week. I have never had any weight issues, and im still a size 8, my plan was to just become really tight and toned — and body has done this. I feel really strong now! The music is great and the instructors I have are fanastic! Love it — dont know where i was before i found body pump! Machines at the gym for girls — nah!

Unless you want to look like a body builder or go that for a living I think BP and free weights are the way for toned, athletic figure. Also the best to get in shape fast! Hey, I think BP is an amazing class that can be used to customise your fitness plan-whatever that may be. By doing BP once a week and 2 heavy weight sessions with eating properly and healthily I now weigh 72kgs and look so much healthier! The whole point of my story is that BP can be used to help you gain your fitness goal, weight loss or gain- as long as you are eating accordingly, bit of trial and error!

I go to body pump once a week and a few other high energy classes. I have noticed a huge difference in my muscle definition since I first started. If I go through a track and feel ok at the end I increase the weight the following week until it feels good again. I challenge myself every week and it has paid of big time. All of the instructors at the gym I go to care about their clients. They make sure everyone challenges to get results, no slacking off. Well, seems I am one of only a few who agree completely with what Elise said in her original article.

I like to mix it up with running, Body Combat, spinning and lifting heavy weights in the gym. The number of times I do BP each week varies and factors such as time pressures and motivation play a part it is sometimes much easier to motivate myself to go to a BP class than to take myself around the gym to lift heavy weights!

Hands down, without a doubt, I notice my biggest strength gains when I am doing more heavy lifting than I am BP. This increase in strength and muscle tone! Much faster than any strength gains I may notice from BP. I think it is really important to mix up your training program. In fact, a PT told me as much. Treat BP as a repetive motion exercise similar to swimming. I do think that it does some good if responsibly performed, such as range of motion, joint lubrication, lymphatic aid ie.

I do think that BP tends to overemphasize compound overhead lifting movements that can injure very easily, especially if there is any instability. The rotator cuff is a fragile thing. Its a money making industry. I think the general rule is: Although it does not build strength very much, it does train your endurance level. Understanding correct form and standing beside the mirror actually does help a lot. Doing different things actually helps your body become more functional. I also do CxWorx for core training, a cross-training class, some yoga, and started running again a few months ago for the first time in years.

I knew BodyPump had made me strong—and fit—but I could barely believe it when I ran a mile in 7 minutes the first time I stepped on a treadmill in a decade. I have noticed that I am getting so much stronger, and very quick. I could barely dumbbell press the 45lb dumb bells. This class is so incredible for everyone.

Girls can gain strength, guys can get big. If a girl wants a fine ass then this is the class for her! Any woman in there that has been attending class for long enough to be in shape has definitely benefited from the lower body portions of this class. My instructors are awesome and they will focus on single people out who need to change. Nothing in the gym can you do on your own to get that much effectiveness in a 55 minute class.

Hi Jason, that instructor sounds terrific! Wish I had an instructor like this at my gym. I am a true ectomorph and am toned by just breathing, however putting on muscle mass is different. There are many components to that but primarily: This is not just me but the entire science of hyperteophy speaking. By low reps i mean keeping all movements to 4 -8 depending on body part. Ectos should pay particular attention to squats and deadlifts.

Progress is slow but progress is progress. I will never be huge but i am ripped and larger than i could ever hope to be by doing a large number of reps. What elise is saying is right on target! I am looking at loosing belly fat — courtesy of 2 kids. Hi Arao, yes, Body Pump is a very good idea in your case. Can you please tell me why some people throw their weights down after every track. I always thought we should increase the weights as we get stronger, but we also need to be able to do all the reps.

My Body Pump instructor is awesome. She has recognized my upper body strength and my poor lower body form and weakness and has me doing squats and lunges with body weight only, keeps an eye on my form and is very encouraging as I work to complete a full routine in proper form for lunges and squats using simply body weight.

At the same time she has encouraged me to ramp up the weights when doing upper body routines as I have progressed. My individual opinion is group exercise contributes to encouragement, helps with commitment to an exercise program and Body Pump is challenging and works. Sure you can stimulate hypertrophy through very high volume with lower weights.

However it is vastly less efficient than higher weights with less volume. See someone like Jason Blaha at Icecreamfitness for a proper breakdown from someone who is deeply into the literature. Unless you are operating in this range every time you hit class, the chances are your getting no significant hypertrophy. What you may mean is losing fat whilst retaining muscle. However you build nothing.

A class like this with very high volume and low weights is principally aimed at fat burning, cardio and muscle endurance. Look at long distance runners, they perform exactly such workouts: However they do become: Noob gains are bound to play a part in the success of any fresh participants, and of course you will see some strength and size gains.

If strength and size gains were a signficant element of the benefits of such classes, you should see continual gains in both for years, plateaus allowing. Thanks Will for your elaborated comment! I have been doing body pump for over 5 years, and I absolutely love it! The istructors vary greatly from class to class. Some seem to come in just to have a work-out of their own rather than to help the gym members. Whereas others hardly do any exercise and walk around helping people out.

Although I have only come across very few instructors who encourage people to take heavier weights. Which is a shame as people are much more capable at lifting heavier weights than they think they are! I find the weak link as others have expressed is instructor input the class is movement and timing critical.

Since many folks, particularly certain groups of women, are motivated with upbeat music in a class format, I implemented this program with the hopes of drawing in consistent participants.

And while we succeeded in doing so, the long term results were not so positive from my perspective. There is no study anywhere that supports the idea that doing weighted bicep curls for 4 mins as this author mentioned continuously or any other muscle group for that matter, increases functional strength in a muscle.

Additionally, I found along with many of the other instructors that began 4 years ago the workouts to be boring after awhile, there was simply not enough variation in the choregraphy from one release to the next. I guess we did well in succeeding to keep this to ourselves because most of the members continued participating. Even with all of that I do have to say that no one ever got injured in my class… well, except for ME! Regardless, I did enjoy teaching mostly for those few years, but to say I recommend it?

I have to completely disagree. I started weight training over ten years ago before I knew about BP. I use to lift heavy because I worked out with men. Then in I had my daughter and I was unable to work out for a few years. I fell in love with working out all over again! I have now been doing body pump for over 2 years now and I also do other Les Mills classes such as Bodyattack and bodycombat.

I have never been so fit in my entire life! Because of BP I can run fast and for long distances, ployometric lunges and jumps are a piece of cake, and I can do more push-ups then some men half my age. I was afraid that doing all those squats and lunges with heavy weights would make my already big legs bigger, but instead they became lean and my butt looks like two coconuts as my husband would put it.

They care about there students and always keeping watch on everyone including me. I have a teacher Kelly who uses sarcasm as motivation along with being sarcastic and funny with her students. Body Pump was the key to my fat loss. I have lost 20 pounds in the last 9 months. I was way out of shape 45 yr old. I joined a Gym 3 months ago, started Inner Strenth a week. Then I started shrinking fast! I still do either Zumba or Body Combat 1xweek. All together I work out an average of times a month.

I drink water, hot teas, unsweet tea,carrot juice, and sometimes Vi shakes. I love the Body Pump. Here are my quick thoughts from a trainers view: If something works for you; continue doing it and reassess results often. No results mean you have to change something.

Pump is a program with proven-researched results and if it works; continue it. Have just returned from a new BP class have been doing BP for over 15 years. No teaching points, just eyebrows to direct the class.! No introduction was new to class. He had a good time. This copy what I do is ridiculous — we are supposed to be teachers, not the Pied Piper. Here is a guide to 10 celebrity fitness overlords and personal trainers to note in no particular order , and whether or not their regimens are civilian-proof.

What she's known for: Workouts range from 15 minute workouts, to 3 hours. In an interview with Harper's , Bowers has a pretty sane take on eating healthy, emphasizing that starving yourself is -- surprise!!!!! She suggests plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, and cutting out most things with white flower; she also suggests pairing carb-heavy foods, like burgers, with salads, instead of fries.

With dressing on the side, DUH. Can your survive her regimen: What he's known for: Peterson is the self-described "most sought after personal trainer" in the US ok!

Responsible for the aforementioned curves belonging to Kim and JLo and he's also trained Sofia Vergara, famous professional athletes, and most recently, Khloe Kardashian..

Can you survive on Peterson's regimen: But it helps if you're wealthy, don't have a job, student loans, debt, general discontentment, and other mortal anxieties.

Kirsch's approach to fitness is body type-specific, paired with strict, holistic nutrition. Being " the butt guy ," training Kate Upton, and Thermo Bubbles metabolism boosts.

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No sugar, booze, and only carbs like brown rice, vegetables, Ezekiel breads -- Gelband suggests consuming them only twice a week. Can you survive on his regimen: Roxx is a trainer based in Toronto, Canada. Its once packaging makes it a convenient on-the-go option to drink before or after a workout, or as a quick meal replacement. Featuring the nutrition benefits and great taste of real milk, the brand offers a natural way to build and repair muscle.

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An 8-ounce glass contains 80 calories and 21 grams of sugar. An 8-ounce glass contains calories and 25 grams of sugar. An 8-ounce glass contains 90 calories and 19 grams of sugar. Weetabix On The Go Breakfast Drink is a smooth, portable milk-based drink designed specifically for breakfast. Delivering quick and easy breakfast fuel, it has all the energy, fiber and protein of a Weetabix cereal in milk. This innovation came from the Weetabix Insight Team after spending time with consumers across the U.

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The product was ahead of its time and was only in the market for a short period. The company says that new FibreStart is a healthy milk alternative with a slight nutty flavor. FibreStart's base is filtered water, to which skim milk powder and milk protein concentrate are added and blended with almonds and three plant fibers soybean, corn dextrin and inulin.

Nutritionist, chef, author and FibreStart spokesperson, Zoe Bingley-Pullin, says that fiber is an often overlooked nutrient and that men and women should aim to consume at least 30 and 25 grams of fiber per day, respectively.

The Newspoll survey interviewed 1, respondents over the age of 18, between January 31 and February 2, A milliliter serving contains calories, 4 grams of fat, 5 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber, including soluble and insoluble forms. It is available in supermarkets across Australia where it is merchandised in the cereal aisle.

The company has created a video discussing the importance of a high-fiber diet. It can viewed HERE. Dark Chocolate and Vanilla Bean. Fair-trade ingredients—organic unrefined cane sugar, organic vanilla bean flavor, organic Dutch cocoa-- are an important part of the product concept. The drinks include the lactase enzyme to make them lactose free.

They also are naturally gluten free. Labels states both omissions. Organic stevia helps keep calories under The shelf-stable beverages will be sold as single-serve units for convenient grab-and-go channels, as well as handy four packs. Organic coffee beans are cold-brewed for 18 hours with organic roasted chicory, then sweetened with organic cane sugar and cut with organic whole milk. Unlike most ready-to-drink, single-serve coffee-milk beverages that come in bottles, cans or boxes, this beverage comes in a traditional gable-top milk carton.

Distribution will very soon be throughout the West Coast Whole Foods distribution system. Plans are in place to hit New York stores in May. According to reports, there are plans to launch an easy-carrying four pack as well as a larger carton for sharing. The single-serve carton contains calories, and 6 grams of both fat and protein. Each 8-fluid-ounce shelf-stable prisma-style container provides calories, 1 gram of fat and 18 grams of protein. The veggies are responsible for providing 2 grams of fiber.

The product entered the marketplace in January with limited distribution through select natural food stores, including select Whole Foods Markets. Now we just need to get the word out and grow distribution.

It is available in two classic flavors: An 8-ounce serving of either flavor contains calories, 2. Inspired by the signature blends and flavors available at its world famous doughnut and coffee shops, Krispy Kreme introduces ready-to-drink iced coffees in two flavors: The initial launch of the shelf-stable beverage is in the more than Walmart locations throughout the United States.

These shelf-stable smoothies are made with Greek yogurt that has been heat treated after culturing. Each 8-ounce bottle contains 8 grams of protein and calories. A sweetener blend of cane sugar and stevia extract helps keep calories low.

The end-of rollout was exclusive through Walmart and consisted of all flavors except Peach. The full line four flavors has recently been accepted at Target, Publix and HyVee.

Latte, Mocha and Vanilla. An 8-fluid-ounce serving contains 90 calories and 0 gram of fat. The drinks are made with nonfat dry milk and milk and are sweetened with cane sugar. Packed with 6 grams of both protein and fiber that satisfy all the way to the next meal, the new smoothie contains no artificial flavors, sweeteners or sugar alcohols.

The protein used in these smoothies is whey protein concentrate and milk protein isolate. The fiber comes from soluble corn fiber. Sugar contents are kept low 8 grams through the use of stevia and monk fruit extract. From to early , Kraft Foods, Northfield, Ill. Today, South Beach Diet Corp.

BadgerMax was designed to have a clean label. CDR scientists worked hard to limit the number and types of ingredients while still producing a clear, heat-stable product. Through careful color selection, the CDR team was able to develop purple grape and red fruit punch beverages using natural colorants derived from fruits and vegetables.

BadgerMax Protein Boost is an ideal protein source for post-workout recovery or anytime during the day as a healthy protein source. Each fluid-ounce bottle contains calories, no fat and 12 grams of protein. The line includes three flavors: The coffee products are based on cold-brewed Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee. The Protein Almondmilks have added whey protein and are soy-free, lactose-free, and gluten-free.

While typical almondmilks are processed from roasted almonds, Califia Farms Almondmilk is made from whole blanched not roasted California almonds, resulting in a more authentic taste with higher-quality nutritionals and a perfect complement to the less acidic cold-brewed coffee, according to the company. A new shelf-stable, grab-and-go beverage from The Quaker Oats Co. Quaker Breakfast Shake comes in three flavors: The protein comes primarily from milk protein isolate. The fiber comes from a combination of whole oat flour, polydextrose and hydrocolloids.

Calories are kept low through the use of the high-intensity sweetener sucralose, in combination with sugar.

There are three varieties of Arla Bubble Latte: Blood Orange with Mango Bubbles Peach with Raspberry Bubbles Pomegranate with Strawberry Bubbles The bubbles are stored in a top cap until the time of consumption, at which point the consumers blends the bubbles into the milky drink and sips them through an attached straw. The interactive drinks are sold exclusively through the 7-Eleven convenience store chain in Denmark.

Distribution is expected to expand across Scandinavia in The product won an innovation prize at DrinkTec With 26 grams of protein per milliliter bottle, new Milk2Go Sport is a ready-to-drink, milk-based protein shake that not only helps stimulate muscle repair after workouts, but also dulls hunger, which can further assist people who are trying to lose weight.

Milk2Go Sport was formulated for on-the-go people who are looking for a great-tasting product that is high in protein with the natural goodness of milk. Brewed with USDA organic, Fair Trade Certified tea leaves from India, the new unsweetened, zero-calorie beverage is flavored with organic lemon extract and is available in This milk beverage is designed specifically for people looking to build and tone lean muscle.

Lean Builder provides 20 grams of high-quality protein with only 8 grams of carbs and 6 grams of sugar. Varieties are Chocolate and Vanilla. Lean Builder is lactose free and contains essential nutrients naturally found in milk, including calcium, vitamin D and potassium.

With the addition of Lean Builder, we have a well-rounded portfolio of the best-tasting protein milk beverages for all types of people with active lifestyles.

Sold in milliliter gabletop cartons, a millliter serving contains about 50 calories, 0. There is also a Natural unflavored, unsweetened variety that contains a mere 19 calories per milliliter serving. Lattella originated more than 30 years ago with its two flagship flavors--Mango and Passion Fruit—which were introduced to the Austrian market in Made from pure whey and premium fruit juices and purees, without the addition of any preservatives or artificial colorings, Lattella is manufactured using a proprietary process that ensures a smooth and refreshing beverage.

The fermented sweet whey is an inherent source of essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and protein, and is nearly fat free. The company also now offers three varieties sweetened with steviol glycosides under its new Lattella Stevi Light brand.

Grape Cassis, Mango Maracuja and Multifruit. A milliliter serving contains 31 to 35 calories, 0. Staying true to the Cold Stone Creamery reputation for an indulgent experience, these smooth, creamy iced coffees are made with fresh reduced-fat milk and brewed select dark coffee, with a layer of natural flavor that the consumer experiences with the first sip. Developed and manufactured by Matrix Liquid Manufacturing, the shelf-stable line comes in three varieties: Coffee, Mocha and Vanilla. The drinks come in two glass bottle sizes: Sweetened with all-natural sugar, a 9.

The product has an unopened, ambient shelf life of one year from the date of manufacture. Beverage Innovations for Dairy Processors. Read this blog HERE.