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We've been using Metabolic Meals for seven years and love the convenience, quality of food and customer service. The system has three phases: Would you be more likely to succeed using social media; in-person meetings with strangers or acquaintances; or expert counseling using text messaging, phone calls or email? Compare Brands About weight loss plans Weight loss program types Weight loss program users Expert reviews Related resources. Skip or cancel anytime. In terms of health, it has helped me to lose weight at a good pace while not starving myself and still leaving me energy to exercise.

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Because supermarkets tend to run weekly sales on these items, the meals can often be purchased for as little as a third of the cost of Jenny Craig's meals. Dieter choose all their foods by clicking on dietitian-approved lists on the program's online Daily Food Journal, which calculates their calories and nutritional requirements as they go.

Like Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem, this diet also requires individuals to purchase their veggies, fruit, and dairy at the supermarket, though with I Love This Diet , members had to go to the supermarket anyway to buy their frozen meals.

Dieters are assigned one of five calorie levels of between and calories per day, based on their current weight and their gender. As they lose weight, their calorie level changes accordingly.

The diet, which comes in the form of a membership website, can be used on a PC or Mac, as well as with tablets and smartphones. Meals are created by chefs to the dieters preferences. The program claims that the The Jenny Craig program is one of the most widely recognized meal delivery plans.

When one joins Jenny Craig they can anticipate 28 days worth of food being delivered to their home or they can pick up if they are close to a Jenny Craig diet center. The diet is calorie based and, in addition to dining exclusively on Jenny Craig frozen meals, the diet requires weight loss seekers to incorporate fruits and vegetables into their diet.

Individuals have access to counselors 24 hours a day. Jenny Craig also allows dieters to splurge, making the diet more sustainable. LA Weight Loss is a weight-loss program that used to provide coaching services at centers, but is now a solely online-based diet plan and tools provider. The system has three phases: All the programs Platinum, Gold, and Silver come in the form of packages that consist mainly of exclusive food products as well as tools for losing weight. The Medifast diet programs are based on the original weight-loss meal plan by Dr.

William Vitale, and their emphasis today is on burning fat while preserving muscle mass. Thus, their meals, especially their meal replacements, are nutrient-dense and contain low-fat protein and fiber. There are two types of diet programs: Flex, which is a flexible meal plan and promises steady results, and Go, which is a set, easy-to-follow plan for fast results.

There are also plans for special dietary needs as well as for weight maintenance. Regardless of the plan type, all meals are chef-prepared with organic ingredients, backed by nutritional research for health, performance, and weight loss. The company delivers weekly to any contiguous state, and you can choose whether to have your order delivered on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.

Nutrisystem Unlike most of the other plans, Nutrisystem uses shelf-stable pouched, non-refrigerated foods as its core items. Rather than 3 big meals, dieters consume several small meals a day to keep burning calories and losing weight. The cheaper Nutrisystem plans don't allow you to select their better tasting meals, which are their frozen meals. You must sign up for Nutrisystem's high-end "Uniquely Yours" plan to choose frozen meals it allows you one frozen entree per day, with the rest of the meals being the "shelf-stable" variety.

Cancelling auto-deilivery when you want to quit isn't that easy, and you will likely end up paying a big penalty for leaving when you want to quit. Many liken the "shelf-stable" meals to survivalist food or military rations. Phase 1 consists of eliminating bad carbs and processed foods from the diet and Phase 2 reintroduces good carbs. NIM has several different meal plans based on personal needs traditional, Vegetarian, Halal, Ontario-wide.

NIM also allows dieters to do a 10 day-trial. PureFoods Fresh Start delivers chef prepared, low Glycemic foods to dieters' doors, each week. You can use the standard plan or customize your menu. There are six plans to choose from, some complete with 7 days' worth of food, others with 5, vegetarian options and a la carte options.

Seattle Sutton Based on calorie and portion control, Seattle Sutton is a meal delivery plan that delivers to dieters' homes each week. The plan prepares 21 fresh meals, which includes fruit, vegetables and salads, with each menu item serving a nutritional purpose. Seattle Sutton develops meal plans based on and calorie diets. Arthur Agatston, a cardiologist.

The program is divided into three phases: In the first and second phases, the South Beach plan includes a combination of DIY breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, as well as dining out options. Protein snacks are available at an additional price.

Discounts and free shipping promos are usually available through their website. Too busy to prepare your own low calorie meals?

This affordable dietitian-designed program will save you time and money. You'll eat specially-chosen frozen meals from popular brands that you'll buy in your supermarket.

When you're not in the mood for a frozen entree, you'll eat salads and low calorie recipes. Diet Meal Plans - Delivery by Valerie Kirk These prepackaged meal plans are generally amongst the easiest diets to follow as they require little or no cooking. Fit Food This Canadian gourmet delivery service partners you with a nutrition specialist to help you with your choices. Jenny Craig The Jenny Craig program is one of the most widely recognized meal delivery plans.

LA Weight Loss LA Weight Loss is a weight-loss program that used to provide coaching services at centers, but is now a solely online-based diet plan and tools provider. If you don't like meal planning and preparation, and you can afford it, prepackaged meal plans are a viable alternative. These programs deliver three meals a day -- plus snacks -- right to your door.

All you have to do is heat and eat. The drawbacks are the price -- which can be quite high -- and the restrictions to eating only what is delivered. If you're dieting and other family members aren't, it may be hard to resist sneaking a bit of what they're eating. It's also difficult to eat out since you're restricted to your prepackaged meals, at least for the first few months.

It consistently comes out on top in "best diet" roundups for weight loss, convenience, ease of following, support, and as an overall healthy diet. With Jenny Craig, you have meals delivered to your door on a weekly basis; some are frozen and just need to be heated, others are shelf-stable and only need to be opened.

You can supplement the meals with fruit or yogurt, in the proper proportions to stay within your caloric range. Your specific diet plan is based upon an interview with a counselor, and takes into account emotional eating issues, as well as any dietary preferences or sensitivities.

Where Jenny Craig doesn't do so well, users say, is in the area of long-term weight loss, partly because not many people can afford it for the long term. The cost of food and shipping is an ongoing expense as well: Experts and consumers say Jenny Craig's food is tasty, but the portions are small and we saw many complaints of hunger on the program -- as well as hunger's accompanying side effects of fatigue and crankiness.

However, there is ample support provided from nutritional counselors and fellow dieters, which experts say is crucial to sticking with any eating plan, and will help you as you transition to eating real food.

The biggest problem, experts say, is that when people do transition into eating regular food, they often find they are dealing with the same issues that caused them to gain weight in the first place, and the rate of recidivism is high. It has many of the same benefits and limitations, but gets lower scores overall for taste from users.

It is less expensive than Jenny Craig when taking into account that plan's food costs, but it is still more expensive than just buying groceries and preparing your own meals, experts note. Another prepackaged diet, Bistro MD Est. On the plus side, Bistro MD can easily be customized to your specific needs, whether you're gluten intolerant, diabetic, or have other special dietary needs.

The menu offerings are more limited, but it gets top marks in independent taste tests. It is more expensive that Bistro MD's basic diet and, like the basic diet, it lacks fitness support, but reviewers say it's a great tool to pair with the 17 Day Diet book Est. While the prices we quote on all of these prepackaged plans are the lowest monthly estimates, these plans usually offer new customers some kind of initial deal or discount.

That often includes waiving registration fees, free shipping or offering a percentage off food for a set period of time. The best time to get these deals, of course, is around the new year. If you can't afford a dedicated meal delivery service, it's possible to reap the convenience factor of pre-prepared foods without the expense of microwave meals. One plan that's been around for a long time is SlimFast Est.

Say goodbye to planning and cooking.