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Oxygen, CO2 and Helium all leak faster than Nitrogen. Oxygen is also reactive. It can also damage Alloy rims and break-down sealants. Moisture can corrode valves from the inside causing problems with proper valve closure. All problems with regular air are accelerated by pressure. Nitrogen is the best solution.

Nitrogen inflated tires maintain a more consistent tire pressure across different temperatures. Tire performance is more reliable and efficient when recommended tire pressure is maintained and heat is reduced.

Most auto dealers recommend Nitrogen inflation exclusively for vehicles with tire pressure monitoring systems to prevent heat-related pressure warnings from your vehicle. Our New Regulator is small, lightweight, yet durable. The body of the regulator twists to control flow rate.

Twist all the way to the right and you can close it completely with zero flow. Turn counter clockwise from there to open the flow rate to the desired level for small tires or keep turning to increase flow for large tires. We recommend Aluminum Cylinders for portability.

We sell them on our Website and through our Dealers. Our Regulator is compatible with all steel Nitrogen cylinders as well. You can purchase any CGA valve cylinder directly from your local Nitrogen refill provider. Our system is compatible with all North American cylinders rated for Nitrogen. Please observe all safety information provided with the unit. System is sold and shipped empty. Cylinder must be filled before use. Prestacycle warrants the Prestacycle Nitrogen inflation system to be free of defective material or workmanship for one year, and under the conditions stated herein.

This warranty will not apply to wear and tear from repeated use or transportation. This warranty is expressly limited to repair or replacement of product found to be defective. Prestacycle assumes no liability for loss due to failure of any product to perform satisfactorily. Prestacycle makes no other warranty, expressed or implied, except that of title. Any and all other warranties are expressly disclaimed.

This warranty applies under conditions of intended use and is exclusive of equipment subjected to: Failure to follow recommended service procedures, Excessive duty cycle, exposure to the elements, shipping damage and modification not authorized by Prestacycle.

No warranty claims will be honored without prior authorization for repair from Prestacycle. Any replaced or repaired equipment will be warranted for the remainder of the warranty term only. Your email address will not be published. Join our email list! Get the free tire pressure app! Purchase our products at your local bike shop. Find A Bike Shop. In Stock - Buy it Now!

How do I get Nitrogen? Cylinder refills If you get our cylinders, you will want to do refills. Cylinder swaps Some larger gas supply companies may only offer to give you pre-filled cylinders. Prestacycle designs products from the start with real-world experience.

Heavy-duty carry handle on larger cylinders protects valve from damage. Lightweight Alloy Regulator spins-on by hand, No need to carry a big wrench. Nylon coil hose is compact and easy to carry.

Rated for psi continuous use. Coil hose is narrow, reducing the amount of gas lost when disconnecting the system. Regulator stores inside the Coil hose for protected travel. Nitrogen is completely inert. It is completely non-flamable. Air can fan a fire, but Nitrogen would actually help put-out a fire. It will not damage rubber or other components. For cars, the cost of the Nitrogen is times lower than what the Auto Shops charge.

The savings just in wear and tear can more than pay for Nitrogen. Where can I get a refill? Any welding supplier can refill your tank for a low cost. Some may fill it on-the spot, others might expect to drop if off and be able to pick it up the next day. Pre-filled cylinder swaps are also available. Check here for your local filling or swap-out location: Filled tanks should be secured during transport. Shipping companies charge much more for special handling of filled tanks because the cannot simply leave them to bounce-around in the back of a delivery truck.

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