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Nutritional support for individuals with COPD: Getting info from the Enquirer is like getting it from Donald Trump lying behind. Malnutrition in early life is believed to play a role in the rising rates of obesity in the developing world. So Imma lose 20 of it, tone up and move on. In the WHO formally recognized obesity as a global epidemic.

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How to Lose Weight Around Menopause (and Keep it Off)

Benson Hedges was his staple for years then he turned to Newports. You quit cold turkey? My grandma quit after they told her she had copd least we think she did…she smelled better lol. He had the nerve to ask for his allowance this morning. My daughters have benefited from those mistakes. Welp, I have some veterans on my timeline that are saying he is a disgrace. Sadly, some in my family…. In one video he snapped on Boomer Esaison about his commentary and asked him, how did he know what it was like to ride along in the back of a police car and talked about how when he was pulled over and surrounded by 8 officers, the only thing that helped him was that one of the officers recognized him….

Then on the response to Cam he said Cam would have put Fred Astaire, Michael Jackson and MC Hammer to shame all at the same time the way he moonwalked around those comments. Saw this at the market yesterday. Shook my head at the obvious pixel manipulation.

Just saw pics of them on vacation a week ago. So she gained near about lbs. The First Lady brushes these haters off her shoulders! I rediscovered my love of the gym, not cardio, but the machines for strength training. Your opinion is valued here. Had no clue it focused on the dating aspect of them…so thanks, again. If Michelle Obama has gained 95 lbs this year I guess she gained 25 lbs and lost 22 about fives times this year.

So she gained 95 and lost 85 lbs. Leaving her with a 10 pound net gain. No, look at the video of her from 2 days ago at Howard U. Food, menopause, and a probably a bit of stress. She is about to be out of the lime light, so she can relax more. She still looks great.

And fat-shame everyone else. And tell everyone how they should eat. Perhaps you should look at the WIC list, brown nasty tortillas, brown nasty bread, etc. She kinda deserves all of this, for that bs.

What people are mad about with her is the bs. The WIC bs where people have brown cardboard tasting tortillas on the list,. Getting info from the Enquirer is like getting it from Donald Trump lying behind. Unless the current events, shows and other things this lady has been on has some lag time, they need to cut it.

I just saw her last week returning home from Hawaii and she did not have one extra pound on her. If this is what you are putting out there maybe you should fine a different way to make a living, and really the Enquire? She was just on snapchat a month ago looking healthy and vibrant. They altered this image. She fell in love with trying to be glamorous. Getting up at 4 am just to exercise, the hair pieces, the designer dresses.

As a Black female lawyer, she did nothing to substantial help Black females in America…. At least the Bush women made educational strides. Michelle took sodas out of schools and forced disgusting lunches down the throat of our children. Not a fan…sorry…not sorry. Well, she was at Howard university my alma mater!!!

Michelle Obama is such a beautiful, and talented women. When will they shut down the National Enquirer, they are always being sued, for their lies. I do understand that I am contributing to the success of this blog. I also understand that I have a right just like anyone else to comment on anything that I want to comment on as well as to visit any other blog that I choose to.

So before you try and put me in my place, read me the riot act, throw shade or any other term for telling me off, you really need to choose your battles.

Because I can do this all day everyday. We can agree to disagree, we can be civil to one another or we can get this party started you decide. Also the main reason that I said what I said is not only was it a lie but it was very disrespectful to who in my opinion is a beautiful, positive, educated, successful woman. She is and who knows may only be the only woman of color as the first lady of the United States of America and I feel that she deserves better than lies.

Being a black woman myself I am very proud of her and any black woman who carries herself as a lady and I celebrate all of our successes, period. We have enough to deal with within this one sided society because as I am sure you already know the scales are definitely not weighed evenly. I saw her today and this is total BS.

Have you seen how SR look in real life? No wonder why she hates blacks. She thinks anyone that resembles her is helpless and hopeless. Affordable Health Care Option premiums will solve the problem. Pay more, less food to buy! You can take that to the bank….. How low can one go? Weight gain or not First Lady Michelle is ready to get out of that haunted house.

I doubt if she would even spït your way, so blowing you is completely out of the question. I was told that the reason no one has seen mochelle obama recently is that she is now pushing or so. Is any or all of this true?? How about she cannot turn down all that free food. The picture of her posterior looks like she is hiding a table under her dress. Get Melania in there quick! First she tries to starve the kids at school now take a look at this. Put him next to Hillary, what a pair!

On a 6 ft tall person it could be,ykwim? At that height it may may you look a bit thicker. Without the fake eye lash, white girl weave, Michelle Obama is homely. Just look at her earlier photos before tax payers foot the bill for her makeover.

The only talent MO has demonstrated thus far as 1st lady is dancing and rapping meaning she plays right into the stereotype of a black ghetto woman. Telling other people what to feed their kids does not require talent. She is actually an accomplished attorney, and a Ivy League University, she has raised some beautiful smart young ladies, and will probably be a Senator one day.

What are you doing? She has gained a shocking amount of weight. Her arms are huge and are no longer toned. I thought her campaign was about overeating? Nope she has gained a ton of weight. Toned arms are gone. She outweighs her husband for sure. Wonder if Barack is having an affair? Was skinny all my life. Even after 2 pregnancies.

Only gained 15 lbs while pregnant. Years passed and then menopause arrived. Started taking estrogen and hello weight gain! Now I am considered Obese. We should be lifting each other up, not tearing each other down. Society does that enough. She needs to start eating those school lunches she is always promoting, she will lose weight fast.

Stay away from carbonated beverages. If you are that far removed from reality that you cannot see that we as a society are at the end and the truth, there is no hope for you. Try reading The Prophet Ezekial to understand your fate.

The movement to push healthy eating, started way before Michell Obama. The Unidied School District in CA, started a program first, and the standards were pushed even more by the current administration. Having worked as a teacher I see the good, and not so good with the program.

These people are Human like the rest of us. You go Michelle and enjoy every bite you are eating and when the time is right you can diet. Someone please tell me what stress that she has in her life. Too much free time?

Please disregard my previous comments, because that was wrong of me to speak in speak in a negative manner about Mrs. They say the fatter you are the smaller your penis looks. I see why there is a marriage crisis here.

She has gained weight, but some of the coverage of it has been disrespectful. Perhaps she has a bit of CARB syndrome: We just saw the First Lady a few weeks ago, fine as ever, at the democratic convention.

You racist whitiies just wish it were true!! That check must have been real nice from the Donald Dump campaign. Yeah the racists and the cooning niglets trying to spread this trash.

Sandra the way you praise some black women but down others. Auntie did you really just use this from the Enquirer???? Michelle would not do that! My 4 day weekend about to be popping in 20 minutes? Lack of fish or too much bad fish????? LOL eating that Tilapia. Sandra, are you working for someone? Donald Trump maybe because it looks that way. Store bought at that?

I started to say Croaker, but nobody would know what that is. I wish they were having another child. But not 95 lbs. The chairman of the Federal Reserve may have more impact than the president on the economy. What about Drake and Rihanna? She was just looking fit a few weeks ago… So I vote water retention …. Mind you I just seen pics of her and Nick cannon today at a school with none of this bs Smfh.

This must be the last post for today….. Michelle Obama is fine, classy, and age appropriate. Very telling and downright disgusting. Anything to try n tear them down…. Lol you West Indian? No, the first time I went fishing on a boat as a kid, we caught Atlantic Croaker. I was thinking why TF they sound like frogs? That number is inflated just a smidgen. What was his response? You have to move. We only have 5 or 6 black people here in the neighborhood anyway, etc.

Your source is the Enquirer…mmmmh?? Lawd have mercy ….. Oh I hear you. I know all about Croaker. I saw that mess. He a the little blind football boy must be friends.

They had to hold his thug ass down to take his mug shot. Fendi aka Erin Blockabitch. Michelle is a brickhouse. Cut arms and curves for days. She got her lashes on and looks great! You sound like my mom. They are ALL the same. Trapped in the muthafin closet…LLS. Has anyone caught their movie Southside with You? Watch she will not be arrested…. Black folks keepin it real??

HU School of Business??? Sweet, Bad Mamma Jamma. Menopause…you either lose or gain…. Did u ever watch Wentworth season 4? I was wondering how u felt about the finale. Well thanks to the national enquirer we know not to believe this nonsense. Still beautiful, classy a day graceful. Come on now…the National Enquirer. It made its money back. The enquirer as a source……. Why stake does the owner of this blog have in the perpetual tearing down of black women?

My next dog will definitely be a husky. His meat was very deep. Is this my stank-stank? Minez barely pierced the rim??? I just spoke to you down yonder….. I would never run from you.

It looks like they blew her up! I wish others would come to their senses too. This is so fraud LOL. The money was my so what if she had. Everybody has their something. Barry and 1st Lady likes it…? Fine as she ever was. She worried that old flaming 0bama is going to finally open the door to his closet…… She is d mn near as big as a door mattress.

Yes, that that that that thang with the sharp teeth and beady eyes. Yes lol he needs to stfu. Hell hate is all the same technically? Like I said I did the research. And she should be prosecuted and made to pay any cost associated with the incident.

Omw in, in a few. Saw Southside with You last night will be back after bus drop off to give review. That is NOT 95lbs!! Slides you a few hours of mine, since we are allowed to gift them. BRB, I have the answer to your dilemma……. Got it… Cause, as she has stated repeatedly, she a former nurse, turned blogger….. I stopped reading after according to the National Enquirer….

And there it is…and there it went!! They do get a few stories right. They need to stop. You are beyond blessed! I remind myself of this whenever life gets too heavy!!

Stopping steroids make you gain weight? Thought the made you gain weight anyway Catch you going and coming lol. Actual body mass in 69 mice discordant to birth mode during early development.

PCoA of Bray-Curtis distances between fecal communities from weeks 3 to 6 in mice born vaginally or by C-section. Fecal intra— and inter—birth-mode-group UniFrac community distances in male and female mice at different ages. Fecal intra— and inter—gender-group UniFrac community distances in C-section and vaginally born controls at different ages. LEfSE of communities at weaning week 3 and young adulthood week 6 by delivery mode.

Average relative abundance of 24 birth mode LEfSe—discriminant taxa over 3 to 6 weeks of age. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license , which permits use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, so long as the resultant use is not for commercial advantage and provided the original work is properly cited.

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We do not capture any email address. Martinez II , Joseph C. Devlin , Corey R. Science Advances 11 Oct Mice born by C-section developed increased body weight and lacked microbiota developmental changes observed in control mice. Abstract Epidemiological evidence supports a direct association between early microbiota impact—including C-section—and obesity. Download high-res image Open in new tab Download Powerpoint. Percent fat in 24 mice discordant to birth mode at 15 weeks of age.

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All other authors declare that they have no competing interests. Data and materials availability: Additional data related to this paper may be requested from the authors. Science Advances Vol 3, No. View this article with LENS. Thank you for your interest in spreading the word about Science Advances.

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