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Assessment for neutralizing antibodies was not conducted. Smallpox Vaccine, Vaccinia Vaccine: You should also understand that algae are more simple life forms than plants and have less complicated needs. This acute myopathy is generalized, may involve ocular and respiratory muscles, and may result in quadriparesis. At any rate, the literature collectively suggests that creatine has the general ability to cause a modest increase in androgen levels in men. Although, not directly about aquarium plants, this article has good information about the very misunderstood topic of positively charged minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and their bioavailability: National Institute of Drug Abuse.

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Edward threatens Lulu with a court injunction if she goes to have an abortion. Lainey tells Sonny that someone broke into her office and stole his files. She agrees to see Sonny at his home for sessions and keep her notes there if Sonny continues his therapy.

Jason finds the original files in a dumpster and gives them to Sonny in the hopes of lifting prints to determine who stole them. Meanwhile, Detective Rodriguez stops by with copies of the file to show Alexis. She thanks him and hands them back to him with instructions of doing as they discussed. She confirms the pregnancy with Kelly and asks her how soon she can take a paternity test.

Maxie continues to supply Lucky with pills to feed his addiction. Liz goes to Wyndemere to ask Nik for his help to convince Lucky to go into rehab. She is worried because Lucky is rationalizing his drug use, claiming he had it under control. She tells Nik that she is pregnant but not that Jason may be the father. Alexis pressures Sam into agreeing to not go near Jason.

Sam agrees so that her mother can go into surgery without any concerns. Sam and Jason have a heart to heart talk. Jason tells Sam that he isn't ready to loose her and wants to work to see if he can get past her sleeping with Ric. Alexis continues to push Sam and Ric together after the surgery.

She them to attend the mayor's party together. Colleen makes a show of protecting Spencer from Helena in front of Nik. Jax is determined to win Carly back and pulls out all of the stops. Luke returns home to give Lulu support as she decides what to do about her pregnancy. Click here for the complete recap of this week September 11 to 15, Alexis's condition worsens as she develops pneumonia.

The doctor suggests putting her into a medically induced coma. Sam's animosity toward Ric grows. She has difficulty being civil to him even in front of Alexis. Sonny decides to take Kristina home with him despite promising Alexis that he would allow Ric to raise her so that she grows up with Molly.

Ric and Alcazar decide to join forces. Jax breaks through Carly's barriers. Luke stands by Lulu's side as she makes the decision to have an abortion. Dillon resigns himself to Lulu's decision and apologizes to her for the way he treated her. At Lulu's request, Luke visits Laura while Lulu goes in for her abortion alone. Lucky's life spirals out of control as his addiction grows. Maxie makes it clear that Lucky will have to have sex with her to prove his affection for her if he wants more pills.

Liz finds a pill on the floor of the apartment and pills in one of Lucky's pockets. She decides to leave Lucky. Nik tracks Lucky down to Maxie's room where Lucky is getting dressed. Lucky rushes home to stop Liz from leaving him. Lucky throws things around the apartment and manhandles Liz. During the struggle, Liz is shoved to the floor. Click here for the complete recap of this week September 18 to 22, Sonny tries to throw a monkey wrench into Jax and Carly's relationship.

Jason returns from South America where the mob war is heating up. Lorenzo is poised to strike. Alexis's pneumonia worsens while she is in a coma and her lung collapses. Sam freezes up, forcing Nik to sign the life saving papers.

Sam and Jason talk about their relationship. Liz files for divorce. Jason senses that Liz wants to tell him something but they are interrupted each time Liz starts to tell him about the pregnancy. Maxie takes an overdose of pills to get Lucky's attention.

Complications arise when she goes into cardiac arrest. After she is stabilized, Maxie pushes Lucky for a commitment. Lucky tells her that he isn't in love with her and they will never be together as a couple. He advises her to move on with her life. Furious, Maxie calls Mac. Click here for the complete recap of this week September 25 to 29, Lucky bottoms out when, in a desperate bid to get his job back and impress Elizabeth, he tries to frame Jason for drug possession.

The plan goes horribly wrong. During the arrest, Lucky mistakes Liz's footsteps for Jason's backup. Lucky starts shooting while Jason tackles him to the ground. Liz barely escapes injury. Furious Elizabeth starts yelling at Lucky, telling him that he could have hurt the baby. Lucky and Jason assume Liz is pregnant with Lucky's child.

Lucky vows to clean up and checks into rehab. Liz is determined to go through with the divorce despite Lucky's efforts. Jason and Sam try to work on their relationship but Jason continues to have a difficult time getting past her night with Ric. Alexis is brought out of her coma despite the risks. Her pneumonia begins improving but Alexis isn't hopeful.

She seems angry and announces that she is refusing chemo, opting instead to research alterative ways to combat her cancer. Carly moves in with Sonny after her house is flooded. Sparks fly between Carly and Sonny as they continually lock heads over the issue of Jax. Patrick is worried when he runs a low-grade fever for several days. Robin nurses Patrick as they await news.

Both are greatly relieved when an HIV test turns out negative. Robert ends up on the wrong side of fists when he confronts Lorenzo and his thugs. Robin finds Robert crumpled on the docks. Colleen goes to some drastic measures in order to get closer to Nik including sabotaging his saddle before he rides his beloved horse, Sheba.

Maxie decides to take a pregnancy test after she learns that Elizabeth is pregnant. Lucky's stay in rehab is interrupted by visits from Maxie who announces that she is pregnant with his child.

Jason realizes that the baby that Liz is carrying could be his. Carly heads straight to Jason's when she overhears Liz talking about Jason possibly being the father of her child.

Carly strongly urges Jason to focus on his relationship with Sam, not Liz or the baby. Emily goes to talk to Jason when she learns the news and, without telling her brother what she knows, tries to impress upon him that Liz and Lucky will eventually get back together. Liz is stunned when Jason proposes marriage. Click here for the complete recap of this week October 9 to 13, Liz is more determined than ever to divorce Lucky after she learns that Maxie is pregnant with his child.

Jason tells Sam and Sonny that Liz is pregnant. Carly overhears Liz talking about Jason possibly being her baby's father and goes to talk to Jason. She is worried that Liz is going to trap him into marriage. Jason proposes marriage to Liz. Liz reminds him that they are both in love with other people. She intends to raise her children as a single mother.

After confrontations with Lulu, Carly and Sam, Liz goes to the hospital for a paternity test. Lorenzo catches up with Skye. Luke returns to town with some answers about the proposed treatment for Laura.

Lucky returns to rehab after failing to convince Liz of giving him another chance. He is not surprised to learn that Luke intends to leave town to rescue Skye from Lorenzo. Sam tells Nik that she is convinced that the baby Liz is carrying is Jason's. Emily returns home from the medical conference in Greece after she learns it was for surgeons.

She is just in time to keep Colleen from taking advantage of Nik whom Colleen drugged earlier. Jason finds Sam on the floor of the nursery in the penthouse.

She is devastated that Liz is having Jason's baby. Click here for the complete recap of this week October 16 to 20, Luke and Robert go to rescue Skye but before they can make good on their escape Skye goes into labor.

Carly and Jax stop by Alexis's house to announce their engagement. They find Alexis alone and having a bad reaction to her chemo treatments. Jax is furious that neither Sam nor Ric were there to help her. Ric learns that Jason may be the father of Liz's baby. He goes to see Lucky and promises him to give him back his job if he gets clean. He explains that he's doing it for Liz. Ric baits Jason until Jason snaps and assaults him. Having received a call from Ric earlier telling him to meet him, Sonny arrives just in time to keep Jason from killing Ric.

Sonny threatens to tell Alexis the truth about Ric's infidelity with Sam if Ric doesn't drop the attempted murder charges against Jason. Maxie continues to believe that Lucky will move in with her because of the baby despite Lucky's insistence that he intends to do everything he can to get Elizabeth back.

Lulu is suspicious about Maxie's claim that she is pregnant. Liz receives the results of her paternity test but doesn't have a chance to read them because a woman in labor cries out for help. As Liz goes to assist the woman into the hospital, she is unaware that she has dropped the test results.

Click here for the complete recap of this week October 23 to 27, Lorenzo offered Diego the opportunity to join the family business. During a confrontation with Ric, Alexis finally revealed that she knew about him sleeping with Sam. She ended their marriage and threw him out. She had a similar confrontation with Sam, who decided to leave before Alexis could ask her to. Carly found Alexis in bad shape and rushed her to the hospital. Sonny and Carly suggested to Alexis that they could care for the girls while she was in the hospital.

Carly told Jason that the paternity test had revealed that Lucky was the father. Later, Jason admitted to Sonny that he was disappointed with the results of the paternity test. Liz later burned the paternity test. Skye introduced her daughter, Lila Rae, to the family. He didn't want the children to know so that they wouldn't be burdened with the responsibility if things should go wrong.

Laura emerged from her catatonic state. Her last memories were of preparing for the wedding. She seemed to have no recollection of Rick's death or the events that had precipitated it.

She was shocked when she saw her children, realizing for the first time that significant time had passed. Click here for the complete recap of this week October 30 to November 3, Ric frames Sam for stealing a flashcard with incriminating evidence against Sonny and Jason.

After Sam is arrested, Ric shows her pictures of Jason comforting Elizabeth spinning it so that an innocent encounter seems like a torrid affair. Sam panics and escapes the jail with the help of Det. Jason manages to find Sam who is being pursued by the police. A shoot-out ensues but they manage to get away without harm. Ric shows Elizabeth the pictures he used to manipulate Sam.

Later he appears to take them to Lucky but it turns out that they are other surveillance photos much to Elizabeth's relief. Laura is determined to reclaim her life. She leaves Shadybrook in the hopes of finding answers. She has a touching reunion with her mother and as well as others but everyone is careful not to say too much to her. Lulu continues to act out over the decision to have an abortion. Carly and Jax set a wedding date, November 16th. Carly decides to call off the November 16th wedding after she realizes that she can't pull together the wedding she wants on time.

She and Jax reschedule it for a later date when Jason will be able to attend. Laura begins to remember the events that led to her catatonic state. She ends up in the attic where Luke finds her. He is reluctant to tell her the details of Rick's death but Laura insists on being told everything.

As Luke tells her about Theresa's accidental death and then later Rick's, both at Laura's hand, Laura's memory returns fully. She is horrified but what she had done but is able to put it in perspective. They proceed with plans to marry on November 16th. Helena learns of their plans and makes arrangements to escape Shadybrook with the help of an orderly on her payroll.

Sam and Jason continue to elude Ric until Sam visits her daughter's grave on the anniversary of her death. As Sam tries to flee, she is grazed by a bullet. Ric sets up a trap by having her taken to the hospital and having false reports leaked to the news stating that she is in critical condition. Jason asks Liz for help. She manages to whisk Sam out of the hospital while Jason barely escapes capture.

Back at the safehouse, all three are unaware that Ric had planted a tracking device on Liz, certain that Jason would turn to her for help. Click here for the complete recap of this week November 13 to 17, Lady Jane has reservations about Jax marrying Carly after she talks to Sonny. Carly and Jax decide to postpone the wedding. Luke and Laura marry.

Laura senses something is wrong with her and asks Luke about it after the wedding. He explains that the drug she was given only has a temporary effect. She will soon return to the catatonic state she lingered in over the past 4 years.

Laura tells her children that their time is limited. Elizabeth faints at the reception when she learns that Ric might have set up an ambush for Jason. Kristina is traumatized when she witnesses Sam shooting and killing Diego in self defense. Lorenzo is devastated when he sees Diego's body.

Jason is shot as he dives into the water amid a hail of gunfire. Jason finds his way to the church where Elizabeth is praying for his safety. He is seriously injured. Elizabeth tells him that he has to hang on for the baby. Jason opens his eyes when Elizabeth goes on to tell him that the baby that she is carrying is his, not Lucky's.

Click here for the complete recap of this week November 20 to 24, Luke was forced to tell Laura what was happening to her when she pushed him for answers. Laura decided to tell her children so that they all had a chance to say goodbye before she slipped back into a catatonic state. Laura's last wish was to celebrate Christmas with her family.

Everyone worked hard to make that wish come true, but Laura's condition deteriorated rapidly. Laura insisted on returning to Shadybrook while she was still able to function because she didn't want men in white jackets carting her off in front of her children. Laura spoke privately to each of her children, starting with Nikolas, whom she most understood because they shared the same heart.

Laura encouraged Lucky to continue to stay on his road to recovery because she was very proud of him. Laura assured Lulu that both of Lulu's parents had wanted her, but it broke Laura's heart that Lulu had been the most shortchanged of the children because of Laura's illness. Before Laura completely slipped away, Laura confessed a secret: Laura was certain that she hadn't killed Rick, even accidentally. Jason recovered from his gunshot wound thanks to Liz, who nursed him back to health in her old studio apartment.

Carly was not pleased when she sensed that Jason's feelings for Liz went beyond just friendship. Ric's interest was piqued when he overheard Lucky ask Liz about a bloodstain on her dress. Click here for the complete recap of this week November 27 to December 1, Skye tried to forge a truce between Sonny and Alcazar. Alcazar lied to Skye about his willingness to keep the peace. Lulu was caught up in the Spinelli mess because Peter handed her incriminating evidence when Alcazar's men showed up looking Peter.

Alcazar ordered his men to kill Spinelli and Lulu, but he wanted it to appear like an accident. Jason rescued Spinelli and Lulu, but in the chaos, Spinelli managed to slip away. Alcazar's men captured Jason and Lulu before they could escape. Liz placed a well-timed phone call to Sonny, so Sonny arrived before Lulu or Jason was killed.

Sam and Liz traded words about Jason. Liz accused Sam of endangering Jason. Nikolas and Emily reconnected on what would have been their two-year wedding anniversary.

Jax and Carly decided on a New Year's Eve wedding. Jason is determined to find Spinelli and takes Lulu along for the search. Nikolas decides to let Colleen go.

He gives her a month to find another position. Colleen surprises everyone when she announces that she's decided to leave immediately. Unbeknownst to anyone, she has Helena tied up in one of the turret rooms and intends to let Helena die of dehydration.

She also quietly promises Spencer that nothing will ever separate them. Things become uncomfortable when Lucky points out that she's standing under some mistletoe. She tenses up when he starts to lean in for a kiss. Jax tells Carly about the strange calls he's been receiving from Jerry. Robin continues to have difficulty dealing with her role in Laura's relapse.

Tensions mount between her and Patrick as he tries to help her through her difficult time. Maxie continues to fake her pregnancy going so far as to wear padding.

Click here for the complete recap of this week December 11 to 15, Skye moves in with Lorenzo much to Edward's dismay. Sonny attempts to win Carly back with a romantic dinner but fails to convince her to reunite with him. Jax has strong objections when Carly tells him of her determination to bring Sonny home for his sons' sakes.

Jason and Spinelli surrender to the police. Spinelli manages to convince the authorities that he fabricated the flash-drive that Ric claims implicates Jason and Sonny in illegal activity. Lorenzo manages to steal the flash-drive before Ric is forced to turn it over. Lucky realizes that Ric has ulterior motives for reinstating him on the police force.

Maxie's fake pregnancy is almost exposed when Dr. Lee informs Lucky that she hasn't seen Maxie as a patient in weeks. Dillon decides to help Lulu and Spinelli investigate Rick Webber's murder.

Sam returns to the penthouse with Jason and tells him that she wants to begin immediately on starting a family with him. Click here for the complete recap of this week December 18 to 22, Liz is disappointed when she finds drugs in Lucky's drawer at work.

She is more determined than ever to go through with the divorce. Ric, who would later admit in confession that he planted the drugs, is pleased with how well things are working in his favor. Maxie fakes a fall during an argument with Lucky. Claiming that she's experiencing cramps and pain, Lucky rushes her to the hospital where he is later told that she lost the baby. Spinelli moves in with Jason and Sam. Sam has an idea after Jason catches Spinelli with marijuana. She takes Spinelli over to Alexis's house in the hopes of talking her into smoking some pot to relieve the debilitating side effects of chemo.

Jason overhears Liz's attempts to get Cameron a hard to find toy. He surprises her on the docks with the toy Kristina has a break through. Jax leaves Port Charles, with Carly's approval, to rescue Jerry. Sonny returns home in time to see his son's in the nativity play. Nikolas is stunned to discover that Spencer is not in the manger cradle where he is supposed to be.

Unbeknownst to Nikolas, Colleen has returned to Port Charles in disguises and was nearby singing with the carolers during the nativity play. Click here for the complete recap of this week December 25 to 29, Spinelli and Lulu narrow down the list of suspects in the murder to Rick Webber to Alan Quartermaine, much to Dillon's dismay.

Jax fails to return home for New Year's Eve, which gives Sonny the opportunity to spend it with Carly and their sons. Jason is conflicted about Sam's wish to become a mother. Sam has a few reservations but is determined to move ahead with her plans of convincing Jason to change his mind. Liz is faced with a situation similar to her own that leaves her quite shaken.

She is more confused than ever if she made the right decision to keep the baby's true paternity a secret. A car accident leaves her unconscious by the side of the road during a blizzard. Lucky rings in the New Years with Maxie at Kelly's where they share a dance and a kiss. Read or review recaps posted during Character profiles Cast and credits About the Actors: GH previews, teasers, and spoilers The Scoop: GH vet Susan Brown has died.

Week of Sep General Hospital Daily Recaps: Other recaps for the year More than two decades' worth of recaps are archived for your convenience. Read up and enjoy!! Lulu continues to find trouble, forcing a reluctant Luke to step up as a father. Determined to see Laura, Lulu takes off for Shadybrook with Luke close on her heels. He finds his daughter outside of her mother's room, too afraid to enter. They share a moment of closeness as Luke helps Lulu walk into the room and visit with Laura.

Afterwards Luke takes Lulu to a diner where Luke shares some of his memories of Laura. Emily confesses her feelings to Sonny.

She becomes embarrassed when it appears that Sonny doesn't reciprocate her feelings. Emily makes a clumsy exit and goes to talk to Liz at the hospital. Sonny asks Jason to come over so that he can talk to him about Emily. He admits to Jason that his feelings for Emily are more than mere friendship. After Carly discipline's Michael and sends him to his room, Michael slips out of the house.

Carly goes to Greystone, believing that is where Michael went. Meanwhile Michael ends up on the end of a dock and slips into the icy water. Emily, on her way home from the hospital, sees Michael in distress and immediately jumps into the water and rescues him.

A grateful Sonny and Carly arrive moments later and Michael home. Emily decides to change at Sonny's. Later, as Sonny is thanking Emily for saving Michael's life, they give into their passions and kiss. Patrick and Robin can't seem to avoid each other. Patrick takes every opportunity to flirt and push Robin's buttons.

Patrick asks Robin out to dinner but she turns his invitation down flat. Later, when she learns that Patrick went to Carly's place, Robin decides to go to Carly's on the pretense of trying to make peace now that she's staying in town.

Upon seeing Patrick, Robin lets both of them know what she is thinking. Carly enjoys seeing Robin's reaction and confirms Robin's misconception. Click here for the complete recap of this week. Curr Atheroscler Rep ;3: Trimethoprim and folic acid letter. Mechanism for reduction of serum folate by antiepileptic drugs during prolonged therapy. J Neurol Sci ; Folate deficiency associated with drug therapy for tuberculosis.

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The role of diet and nutrition in cervical carcinogenesis: Effect of folic acid supplementation on biochemical indices in overweight and obese men with type 2 diabetes. It causes intense hunger and gastic motility. It can have a mild effect on cortisol and prolactin.

It is a first generation GHRP. It can have an effect within the normal range on prolcatin and cortisol. It is a second generation peptide. Hexarelin is not sloppy like GHRP-2 it gives a higher GH pulse but has some Gastric motility although no issues with hunger, you have to cycle the use of this peptide to avoid desensitisation though. Ipamorelin is not sloppy at all. It does not release as much GH as GHRP-2 but it causes virtually no hunger or gastric motility and for the most part does not effect cortisol or prolactin.

It is a third generation peptide. If you are very sensitive to perturbations in cortisol or prolactin you would choose the more expensive Ipamorelin. What GHRH to use? CJC is the shortest at 5minutes this is destroyed by the body before it can do anything. Store the powder in the freezer if unmixed but once mixed with Bac water store in a fridge for best results life of product although can be stored in a cool place away from sunlight.

Before meal 1 PWO B4 Bed Make sure to leave hrs between jabs, results depend on frequency not dose so jabbing mcg 3 x daily will give better results than mcg once per day. Decision Matrix for you: Are you primarily trying to lose fat or gain muscle?

Can be injected IM or SubQ. Additions these are not required for good results and should be used by the advanced BB: Adding Insulin to peptides will give you the same type of results as adding it to GH.

What do I do? There will be zero GH release if somatostatin is around and only some if somatostatin is just starting up or just diminishing. Only if you are lucky to inject when somatostatin is gone will there be decent GH release. To overcome this, very large amounts say 2mg mcg are sometimes used. Choose a dosing schedule. If once a day do it pre-bed. If twice a day then do it pre-bed and post workout PWO. If three times a day do it pre-bed, PWO and in the morning. How many times can I dose before I lose pulsation?

Six 6 a day every 3 hours, How few times can I do it for some better sleep, small anti-aging effect? Then if that goes well go to full saturation dose.

If that goes well add a 2nd dosing, If that is fine add a third dosing.

Side Effects & Safety