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Bank Stadium and at any previous Super Bowl. Nearly 63 of the 69 tons of game day waste generated was recovered through recycling or donation for reuse 62 percent and composting 29 percent. Recovering waste through composting and recycling reduces waste disposal costs and provides several environmental benefits including reduction of landfill use and reduction of the greenhouse gas generated by the landfill process.

Bank Stadium, and our commitment to sustainability is no different. In our first season, we produced a waste diversion rate of 20 percent. The diversion improvement we have seen to date is rare in the world of facility management and is a testament to the dedication of all of our stadium partners. Fans attending the Super Bowl were greeted by a team of uniformed zero-waste ambassadors who helped identify the correct bins for recycling, composting and waste-to-energy.

Critical to hitting the initiative's goals was removing items from stadium inventory that could not be either recycled or composted. Aramark, the food and beverage partner for U. Bank Stadium, replaced nearly its entire inventory of food vessels, service products and utensils with compostable alternatives. Bank Stadium and across all the venues we serve. Other pregame steps were essential to achieving the zero-waste goal.

Bank Stadium, working with Recycle Across America , designed all illustrated signs for the stadium's new three-bin waste stations to show fans exactly how to sort items. Founded in and purchased by 3PL C. It allows a company to quickly check an existing LTL carrier base to get quotes for an upcoming shipment. Freightview uses application programming interface API technology to exchange data with each carrier the shipper uses.

If the customer is already in the system, those details pop up automatically. Then the user enters shipment details—for example, three pallets totaling 7, pounds. Freightview returns a range of options for shipping the load with different carriers, using BioZyme's negotiated rates.

Now it takes just one click to choose a carrier and book the load. This new efficiency helps BioZyme fill a growing number of orders without adding more staff. Freightview also produces reports that support BioZyme's monthly performance reviews with carriers.

The reports give carriers information they need to improve service and pricing and, in turn, build a stronger relationship with BioZyme. When Nutrisystem launched its weight loss program in , it was a face-to-face operation.

A customer on one of its nutritional plans stepped into a retail center each week to talk with a counselor and pick up a set of meals.

Then the Internet changed everything. In , Nutrisystem closed its approximately 3, brick-and-mortar retail centers and embraced e-commerce. That move brought some distinct cost advantages. E-commerce also helps Nutrisystem expand its reach beyond those customers who lived within a reasonable drive from a retail center. Customers still get personal counseling, now via web chat or by phone. And thanks to technologies deployed by Nutrisystem and its logistics partner, OHL, the company has been able to expand its offerings while fulfilling orders quickly and efficiently.

Most of its business today involves monthly parcel shipments to customers who subscribe to individualized meal plans. Nutrisystem also offers a frozen product line, which ships in foam coolers packed with dry ice from OHL facilities in Allentown, Pa.

OHL supports both the direct-ship and retail operations with Synapse, its proprietary warehouse management system WMS. The system is integrated with pick-to-light technology from Lightning Pick, based in Germantown, Wis.

This integration simplifies the picking process. Synapse receives orders from Nutrisystem's order management system through periodic electronic data interchange EDI transmissions.

Each direct-to-customer shipment contains to items, drawn from Nutrisystem's unique stockkeeping units SKUs. Nutrisystem's order management system, OHL's Synapse, and the pick-to-light system all work together to get the complex orders out the door quickly and accurately, while giving customers flexible product options. At the same time, Nutrisystem transmits those orders to C.

Robinson, which consolidates Nutrisystem's LTL loads with freight from several other food companies to build full truckloads bound for McLane.

Robinson and OHL then communicate to ensure that the truck goes out quickly," Boileau says. Implant Concierge, a technology-based service for dentists, tripled its business in , gaining customers across the United States and abroad. The person startup could never have grown so fast without the service and technology partnership it formed with its 3PL, Unishippers. Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, Implant Concierge serves general dentists who want to perform implant surgery themselves, rather than refer patients to oral surgeons or other dental specialists.

Based on CT scans and a physical impression of the mouth, provided by the dentist, Implant Concierge develops an individual treatment plan for the patient. That guide fits in the patient's mouth during surgery, ensuring that the dentist will position the implants precisely and efficiently, using minimally invasive techniques.

If needed, Implant Concierge also rents the dentist a kit of instruments, color-coded to help the doctor quickly find the right tool for each step in the surgery. Implant Concierge uses its own website to conduct transactions with customers, including online meetings between each dentist and a 3D case coordinator.

The service relies on both data uploads CT scans, for example and parcel shipments physical impressions, surgical guides, and instrument kits. Himself 1 episode, Laurie Glimcher Himself - Colorado Governor 1 episode, Chieh Huang Himself - CEO, Boxed.

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